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Naveen Kella, MD

9618 Huebner Rd Suite 120
San Antonio, Texas 78240

Office: (210) 617-3670


“The ProPep Nerve Monitoring System is a tool that could help in cases where the anatomical cues are sometimes unclear in regard to nerve location. Preserving nerves can potentially help our patients better regain urinary and sexual function. I am grateful to be involved with this innovative technology.”

Dr. Kella is board certified in urology, with a fellowship in urologic oncology and robotic surgery. He is known for his experience treating prostate cancer and has performed over 2,000 robotic prostate cancer surgeries. Literature notes the best surgeons usually have superior experience. Dr. Kella is the most experienced robotic prostate surgeon in San Antonio and South Texas. In fact, he is one of the most experienced in the nation.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011, Dr. Kella performed more robotic prostate surgeries than anyone else in Texas, according to Intuitive Surgical, who makes the DaVinci Robot. What values and characteristics do top urologists possess? “Experience, education and a great team are key,” states Kella. When asked about his success, Dr. Kella gives much credit to his clinic and surgical teams. He has performed nearly all his robotic prostatectomy cases in the same hospital with the same team.